Ultimate Visionary Mind

I was hypnotized for success. I believe in the power of the mind, and know that the main trait of high achievers is mindset, belief. And all of us have mindset stuff holding us back to the next level. I felt really stuck at one point in my career and was looking for an edge to push past it. At that time I was hearing some buzz about hypnotherapy in business. A successful friend of mine had amazing results in her business after a few sessions. A few weeks later a famous athlete and businessman was on TV talking about how he was “hypnotized for success.” I wanted to find out if it could help destroy some unconscious blocks I was experiencing. I was listening to Howard Stern at the time and remembered a couple sessions where they did an on-air hypnotism of staff members. So I reached out to the hypnotist, who has become a friend of mine. His name is Scott Schmaren, and he’s had a huge impact on my career and personal life. His main business is mindset coaching with pro athletes and celebrities, in addition to working with countless business owners. I consider him my secret weapon. If you want to hit the next level, shoot me a DM and I’ll make the intro. Game changer.