“If Scott can do it, I can do it and so can you!”

Oprah Winfrey     

“If Scott can do it,

I can do it

and so can you!”

– Oprah Winfrey     

Achieving Your Goals

If you can see it in your mind  you can achieve it!

You can achieve all of your goals, dreams and visions.


Scott Schmaren, NeuroPerformanceologist, is a nationally known speaker, author, hypnotist & coach. Book Scott for an appearance or your next event.


Achieve your goals.  Confidence. Business Success. Weight Loss. Happiness. Athletic Performance. Life Goals & Dreams. Scott will show you the way.


Call 847-331-5848 or email Scott.

If you can see it

in your mind

you can

achieve it!

You can achieve all of your goals, dreams

and visions.


Scott Schmaren,


is a nationally known speaker, author, hypnotist & coach.

Book Scott for an appearance

or your next event.


Achieve your goals.  Confidence. Business Success. Weight Loss. Happiness. Athletic Performance. Life Goals & Dreams. Scott will show you the way.


Call 847-331-5848

or email Scott.

What is it that you want to accomplish in your life?

  • Lose weight
  • Make more money
  • Increase your sales or business
  • Improve your athletic performance
  • Overcome negative habits
  • Eliminate stress and anxiety
  • Find happiness joy and love

Whatever your goals, dreams or visions
Scott will design a program for you that works.



Isn’t now the time you made that change?


Call 847-331-5848 or email Scott.

Whatever your goals, dreams
or visions
Scott will design a program for you that works.



Isn’t now the time you made that change?


Call 847-331-5848 or email Scott.

Success Stories

Incredible Stories.

Many of the clients I have worked with have some truly incredible stories. They have experiences of success and overcoming great obstacles and challenges in their lives. Their stories will move you emotionally and motivate you. My purpose in sharing them with you is to let you know that you are just like them. You can rise above from where you are at now in your life and accomplish your goals, dreams and visions that you have for your life.

It is important for you to realize and understand that the only limits you have are the ones you impose on yourself. No matter where you are at now in your life, even if you are at the your bottom struggling to exists, you can climb out of that hole you are in and rise up to be everything you have envisioned for yourself and the life of your dreams.

All of these stories are real and they are all people just like you. They all wanted more out of their lives and were able to achieve that. Some of them were desperate and at the end of their rope, holding on by a thread. The only thing that I have changed is their names to protect their privacy. Just like you these people are truly amazing and once they discovered that about themselves their lives changed forever.

Thank you whole heartedly for your philanthropic hand to assist our Dress for Success Summit attendees one woman at a time. I AM truly amazed by the outpouring of wisdom,
love and support by world class leaders and trailblazers such as yourself.

Dress for Success
Director of OperationsEast Coast

I turned to Scott to help me visualize my success. He took me through the process and I am now seeing the results. My wish was to have a successful leadership book. I now have it outlined, I have a literary agent, and I have pre-sales. Thanks to Scott, I’m on my way!

COLONEL JILL MORGENTHALER Leadership Expert; Speaker; Author, "The Courage to Take Command"

Scott was the one who enabled me to finally reach my goal of losing weight and keeping it off. I couldn’t have done it without him. Previously, I had been on a roller coaster. Now, I have complete confidence I won’t regain the weight I lost.

President, Village of Northbrook

I want to say thank you Scott Schmaren for supporting me throughout my contest prep. Without your continued support I would not have been able to accomplish my dream of winning my Pro Card. I wouldn’t or couldn’t have accomplished this without you all!

IFBB Professional Women’s Body Building Champion

Pete's Story



Pete contacted me about losing weight. He is in his 40’s. He was single and he had never married because of his weight. He was self-conscious about how he looked and was afraid to socialize. Pete had struggled all his life with being obese. He told me that he was tired of being alone. He was successful at his job and he buried himself in his work to avoid the emptiness of his life. Fast forward, Pete has lost over 90 pounds and he is healthy and strong physically, mentally and spiritually. More importantly Pete likes and loves himself. You should see him smile. He is experiencing life to its fullest. Pete is dating now, in fact he has high standards and knows exactly what he wants in woman. Pete has become everything that he wanted to be.

Allison's Story

Allison came to me wanting to work on her confidence and her self-esteem. When we first met she was meek and timid. She would speak softly and her body language was closed off and protected. When she spoke her arms were crossed tightly, so she could protect herself from me and the world. The reason she came to see me was that a friend of hers talked her into applying for a job at a large company as a sales support representative. At forty two years old this was the first time she ever even considered taking a position where she would be directly dealing with people. She interviewed for the job and to her surprise, they hired her. She was in a panic. What was she going to do now? Too describe the look on her face as fear would be an understatement. She wanted me to teach her how to have self-confidence, self-esteem and a stronger presence in front of other people. Allison told me at our first meeting that she did not believe that after forty two years of life she could be confident in herself and was highly skeptical of my ability to help her.

There is a powerful belief I have and that is that whatever you want to accomplish in your life, whatever obstacle or challenge you face, that you already have the resources you need to accomplish what you want to accomplish, even if you aren’t aware of those resources. Many times you are already using the resources you need in other areas of your life without even knowing it. Allison is the perfect example of this. In our conversation as she was telling me about how terrible her life was not having any self-confidence and noticed that the farther she got into her story the more her body language changed. She uncrossed her arms, she was using bold arm gestures, and she sat up straighter and taller in the chair. Her voice changed. She spoke louder and with more authority in her voice. She was acting like a confident person. Allison had told her story so many times for so many years that she was an expert at telling it and did it with confidence. As she was talking to me I smiled at her and told that I thought that she already had all the confidence she needed and that I could not give her anymore. That made her angry and she became even more powerful; louder, more forceful and more intense. My smile get even bigger and she stepped up her power, self-confidence and presence even more. When Allison reached a fever pitch, I jumped out of my chair and yelled, Freeze! And she did. I told to look at herself in this moment in time and I asked her what she was observing; her body language, gestures, posture, tonality of her voice and her words. And then it happened, for the first time in her life she realized that she possessed confidence. I will never forget the look on her face when she made that connection in her mind. Allison become overwhelmed with emotion and began to cry because for this might have been the first time in her life she realized she had what she had been looking for all her life. It was a powerful and life changing moment for her. We worked together for several weeks. Allison did great in her job as a sales support representative. Several months later she called me and told me she was no longer in her current position. She had done so well and changed so much that she had been promoted to a sales position. Life is amazing isn’t it?

Jeremy's Story

Jeremy was a sixteen year old high school student with a brilliant mind. His parent spoke to me and told how Jeremy could learn new things quickly and easily in school however every time he had to take a quiz or a test he would panic and would do poorly. He knew the material he just became so stressed out that he would forget everything. When Jeremy and I met for the first time he told me briefly what was going on with him in school and how he panicked during tests. I did not want to spend too much time focusing on why he panicked. It was more important to find out if Jeremy did anything really well and how it made him feel (By the way everybody does something well I have yet to meet anybody who doesn’t). My purpose was to find the resources in him that let him feel good about himself. In order to do something well you have to be relaxed and confident while you are doing it. Those skills go hand in hand with each other.

Jeremy told me that he liked playing video games and making sculptures of the characters he liked from the games. These were no ordinary sculptures. They were less than two inches tall and they were perfect in detail. They were really amazing. He took me through the process of how he created his sculptures. First he would play a video game and find a character he really liked. Then he would study the character by drawing it out on a piece of paper in exact detail. He would look at the drawing until he had a clear sharp picture of it, in his mind. Once Jeremy was clear on how he wanted it to look, he would take tiny pieces of clay in different colors and mold and shape them until they were exactly how he saw the picture in his mind. The whole time he is telling how he does this, he is telling me with passion, energy and confidence. His mind is clear and sharp on what and how it needs to be done. And he is smiling.

As I was thinking about his process of making these incredibly detailed sculptures it dawned on me that doing well in school and taking tests was just like creating these sculptures. When I said this to him, he looked at me like I was crazy. So I explained to him why they were the same. Going to class and learning something new was just like study a new character he wanted to sculpt. Drawing out a picture of the sculpture in detail, was the same thing as doing your homework, making that new picture or idea clear and sharp in your mind. When he begins to take the different colored pieces of clay and mold them until they match the picture in his mind, is exactly the same thing as taking a quiz or a test. That quiz or test is simply a piece of paper or clay waiting for you to answer the questions and “mold and shape” that quiz or test into what you want, an “A” just the way you see in your mind. The same way he sees the sculpture in his mind and molds and sculpts the clay until he gets the result he wants. Jeremy gave me a confused look and then he smiled and understood. All Jeremy needed to do was make that same connection at a deep subconscious level of mind, realizing that they really were the same and “this is just like that”. It really is that simple. Jeremy is an honor student and as of the publishing of this book is graduating high school and it getting ready for college. The world could use more incredible people like Jeremy.

Jimmy's Story

Jimmy was a 16 year old high school student. His mom called and wanted me to work with him. Jimmy’s my said that her son had ADHD and ADD and he was doing poorly in school. He was on medication and his mom said that she really didn’t think it was helping that much. When Jimmy and I met we had a great conversation. He told me that because he was diagnosed with ADD and ADHD he couldn’t focus in school and because of that he was doing poorly. When I speak to someone I spend very little time on discussing what is wrong with them. I want to know what is right in their life or what they do well so I can see what great resources and skills they have to draw upon and use in the area of their life they want to improve. In my conversation with Jimmy I asked what he loved to do and what he did really well, that he was proud of. Jimmy told me that he was a great poker player (A big smile now covered his entire face). He told me he loved it so much that he could play for 4 or 5 hours with no problems. I asked him what made him a great poker player. His answer was shocking for someone who was diagnosed with severe ADD and ADHD. He said that his ability to focus and concentrate made him a great player. Now Jimmy had my attention. I asked him to explain and help me understand what he meant. He said that he was able to focus on all the aspects of the game. He was able to keep track of the cards that came out of the deck and what were the strongest cards to play and the hands that were most likely to win. Jimmy also told me the he was able to focus all of his attention on the other players, watching their body language and listening to their voices and how they reacted when they won and lost a hand. He told me that playing the players was more important than playing the cards. Think about what Jimmy was telling me. Here was a kid who was doing poorly in school because of his in ability to focus yet is greatest skill and asset in playing poker was his ability to focus intently for several hours. Interesting isn’t it?

Jimmy agreed to let me put him a deep meditative hypnotic state. In this hypnotic state I had Jimmy relive one of his great poker games where he was big winner. I had him notice each skill and resource he had and used that made him a winner at poker and I also had him notice where he stored all those resources in his mind. Then using my voice as a guide Jimmy was able to begin to use those resources and skills he had as a great poker player and move them over into the other areas of his life. Jimmy was also able to realize that these other areas of his life, like school were critical to his future success, the same way you would study another poker player so you could ultimately win the game. Once Jimmy made that connection in his mind that school and poker were the same thing, he was able to become and great student.

We have to be careful in the words we use and the labels we give people. The moment Jimmy was given a diagnosis of ADD and ADHD; it became a reason and an excuse for his poor performance and behavior in school. His parents had an excuse as if to say, his behavior is not his fault or our fault he has a “disease”. Once Jimmy’s heard his parents using his diagnosis as an excuse for his poor behavior and performance in school over and over, Jimmy accepted it as being true about himself and then he accepted his poor behavior and school performance as his reality. When Jimmy realized that when he played poker he was using the resources and skills he thought he didn’t have and he was using them very well, he was able to change is reality and his outcomes. Be careful what you say to yourself and to your children and in front of them. If you say enough times to yourself or in front of or to your children, it can and will become yours and theirs reality.

Where is Jimmy now? As of this book being published, Jimmy just graduated high school and was getting ready to go away to college in the fall. Needless to say Jimmy’s future has no limits.

Nilsa's Story

Nilsa came to me for help in accomplishing her dream of becoming a professional national female body building champion. Nilsa was already a top amateur female body builder however she needed help getting to the next level of national competition and the pinnacle of her sport. She had a hard time seeing herself as a national champion and she wanted help make that vision clear and sharp in her mind.

At our first meeting as Nilsa was telling me about her dream, I was curious as to why it was so important to her and she began to tell me her story. You see Nilsa is a 56 year old grandmother and winning a national championship and becoming a professional body builder at her age as never been done. She told me that at 40 years old she was overweight and out of shape. She had a very vivid dream one night about changing her life and helping other women finding their greatness and accomplishing and living the life of their dreams. The dream she had was so real and so powerful that in that moment her life changed. That dream she had, became the catalyst that changed her habits, values and beliefs about herself. She began to take better care of her body, what she ate and how she exercised. As she got into better and better physical condition she thought that body building would be an excellent way of being noticed and making a statement to the world. She felt that if a forty year old woman could go from overweight and out of shape to healthy fit and strong that it would be an inspiration to woman everywhere. When she came to me she felt that the missing piece to her puzzle would be to achieve a national championship and professional status as a top female bodybuilder. In her mind this would give her credibility. That was the exact reason why she had failed in the past at achieving her dream. She wasn’t doing it for herself. If she was going to accomplished this incredible accomplishment and put herself through more than five hours of torturous training every day and follow a diet that was so strict and limiting, then it had to be for her and not for the sake of helping others.

In our sessions together we worked on Nilsa’s self-esteem and her confidence. I also helped her create a clear sharp image of what winning a national championship would look like in her mind. She was able to create a movie in her mind of exactly how it would play out. To her it was the greatest movie in the world. She was able to see, hear, feel and experience every detail of her movie in her mind as if it was real and at some point it became real. It became her reality. She began to act is if she were a champion. Her habits, values and beliefs about herself changed, after all she was a champion and a professional she just needed the competition to happen so the rest of the world would know it.

The most important thing that Nilsa discovered and learned about herself and was the turning point for realizing that she could win and become a national champion is when she figured out that she was already credible and that she was already an inspiration to many women. Women she worked with and motivated as a personal trainer. She had already had inspired and changed many women’s lives. The time, discipline and commitment she was making to this dream she had was to give herself credibility to herself. It would be her way of validating the incredible changes that she made in her life and that she had done the right thing for herself.

Over the several weeks before the competition I had the great pleasure of watching Nilsa transform to the next level of success in her life. She began to glow and radiate with such an incredible energy and life, it was amazing. I watched as her training became harder and more intense as she became leaner getting rid of every ounce of fat in her body until she was muscle and skin. The harder the training got the more she smiled, the more she radiated and glowed with this incredible energy and light. She was already a winner in her mind and mine. She is an inspirational woman and a gift to the world. The week of the competition we had one more session. She was very confident and excited. I knew in my mind that she was going to blow away all of her competition, they didn’t stand a chance.

What were Nilsa’s results? Her competition was in Pittsburg, PA. This 56 year old grandmother drove out there two days before the competition with her husband, daughter and several other people who admired her and loved her dearly. Nilsa entered three separate divisions; 35-45 year olds, 45-55 year olds and over 55 year olds. She not only won all three divisions she also won the women’s overall championship beating women 30 years younger than her. She won the IFBB Women’s National Championship and became a professional.

What Nilsa accomplished had never been done before. She knew it was possible and she knew it would be her reality and it was. She is an inspiration to many people including me. She is a great example of believing in something so strongly that no one was going to stop her, no matter how many people told her it was impossible. Nilsa can teach all of us that if you can believe it you can achieve it


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Oprah: “If Scott can do it, I can do it and so can you!” 

Scott is a regular guest on The Howard Stern Show.
He has also appeared on Fox News and Coast to Coast Radio.

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NeuroPerformanceologist Scott Schmaren is a nationally known speaker, coach and author. He has spent over 20 years learning powerful success technologies. He has used what he has learned and created to transform his life, losing 180+ pounds and maintaining it while rediscovering his vitality. His coaching program has literally transformed peoples’ lives, helping them discover how amazing they are and live the life of their dreams.
Scott has developed his own technique called, “Mind Performance Training™ (MPT)” that allows people to make rapid and permanent changes to their lives so they can overcome obstacles, challenges and accomplish all of their goals, dreams and visions they have.

Scott’s techniques are being used by CEO’s, sales and business people, Olympic and professional athletes and many companies to: increase sales and business, for weight management, overcoming obstacles, achieving goals and many other amazing things. Athletes and sales professionals are using his systems to achieve consistent peak athletic and sales performance.

Scott has also spoken for the women’s organization “Dress for Success” at their “Leadership Conference” and their “International Success Summit”. He has also spoken for many companies including UNIGLOBE, Bartlett and is an approved speaker for Vistage International.

Stepping Stones to Success

Scott is co-author of the book, Stepping Stones to Success along with Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra and Dr. Denis Waitley.

The book features best-selling authors Deepak Chopra (The Power of Purpose), Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), & Dr. Denis Waitley (featured in The Secret). Schmaren, Chopra, Canfield, and Waitley, are joined by other well known authors and speakers, each offering time-tested strategies for success in frank and intimate interviews.

Scott’s forthcoming book is entitled,
“Yes! Creating and Living the Life of Your Dreams.”

Scott's Book

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Stepping Stones to Success

Scott is co-author of the book, Stepping Stones to Success along with Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra and Dr. Denis Waitley.

The book features best-selling authors Deepak Chopra (The Power of Purpose), Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), & Dr. Denis Waitley (featured in The Secret). Schmaren, Chopra, Canfield, and Waitley, are joined by other well known authors and speakers, each offering time-tested strategies for success in frank and intimate interviews.

Scott’s forthcoming book is entitled,
“Yes! Creating and Living the Life of Your Dreams.”

Scott's Book

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